I was born. raised, and still live in Iowa

For over 35 years I was employed in the business world and on the weekends, I took pictures of what I saw with my eyes: my family, the skies, events,  pets, and everything else you might see.

However, after retiring, my interests in photography evolved and I began using the camera as a tool to give life to my imagination. I fell in love with macro photography and began envisioning and creating the photo rather than just documenting what I saw in the real world. While, our world is filled with all sorts of beauty and I still enjoy documenting those things, to be able to imagine something and then create it so others can see it is my passion. 

I hope you enjoy my website and then come back here to leave me a comment below. 

Interacting with others about my art is a huge part of my love as an artist, so please take a moment to comment. 

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